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Highest Standards
In Craft, Tech and Service

Execution at the highest quality, whilst delivering on-time and in-full. This is what we offer to our customers everyday. We own the whole production flow – from raw wood, metal and acrylics processing through to the assembly of the final product.

Your Complexity Is Our Passion

At INEX we truly love difficult projects and pride ourselves with finding smart solutions for complex problems. Our unique combination of engineers and specialists focus on operational excellence in a wide range of production technologies. This is why our customers choose to work with us.

Wood Processing

Our modern machine park allows us to do all operations completely in-house. All processing times for each furniture part are saved and constantly validated by our smart ERP-system to ensure timeliness & repeatability. This proven process gives our client’s the safety they are looking for and allows us to easily scale our output when needed.

5 CNC Machines

Five-axis and three-axis machines for drilling, cutting, routing, and edge banding. With this machining centre, we have unlimited possibilities and can handle any job in furniture production, even very complex ones.

3 Panel Saws & Tilting Moulder

Fast and precise cutting of wood and plastic sheets in batches enabling efficient serial production. 90-45 degree tilting spindle for excellent slot and tenoning work.

3 Edge Bending Machines

For processing straight workpiece edges, gluing and finishing various edge materials in longitudinal and transverse passes. The Airtec function makes it possible to create the effect of a jointless connection between material and veneer resulting in a perfect finish

Automized Wood Panel Storage

Quick and flexible handling even of single panels, the decoupling of cut and material supply, the facility of monitoring a wide range of parts and delivering them precisely to the machines connected to the stacking system

Metal Processing

We have constantly invested in our machine park and are able to cover every operation in-house, including our latest machine additions which allow us to cut and bend profiles.

Fully Automated Powder Coating Line

Provides even and consistent paint layer and high efficiency within three stages:
1. Cleaning and preparing the surface
2. Automatic powder application
3. Curing Oven

Laser Fiber Profile Cutter & 2 Laser Sheet Cutter

Fiber laser cutting system for processing pipe up to 120mm in diameter and parts up to 4,5 m in length gives us the possibility of rapid prototyping and cost-optimized production of frame-based furniture. The Laser Sheet cutter provides fast and efficient cutting on all kinds of metal.

2 NC Band Saw & Welding Machines

Band saw with numerical controls, for materials like rods and pipes that cannot be cut on a laser. Quick and reliable welding and MIG brazing of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with advanced welding functions and graphical user interface.

2 Hydraulic Press Brake

Bending of metal sheets up to 2500 mm long and 10 mm thick with simulation-based programming, gives us precision and consistency in recreating ideas into products.

Acrylics Processing

While the main focus of our production is wood & metal, we also process acrylic elements. The operations performed in-house include cutting, bending and gluing. More complicated operations such as thermoforming are outsourced to our network of nearby suppliers.

We operate the industrial router Kimla BPF:

This CNC milling machine allows us to perform both flat and three-dimensional milling tasks in a range of materials such as wood and wood-based panels, cardboard, plastic, composites, non-ferrous metals, resins and foam.

Value Engineering
& Project Management

The first step of any project at INEX is our value engineering. We carefully look at constructions with our engineers and department heads to find the perfect material, minimize production times, improve the design or develop new ideas.

“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it” – this is the ultimate outcome that we strive for. We offer our clients a natural and easy project flow & communication tailored to their needs. Our digital backbone provides all relevant project metrics and status updates without having to ask for it. Each project is assigned to a dedicated project lead who is always available for any additional needs.

& Assembly

For some of our clients every shipment is different. We cater to this need with our in-house storage facility and our dedicated commissioning teams, which make it possible to offer our clients an order-to-ship time of less than 24 hours. Our ERP backbone automizes the restocking process making sure that we never run out of parts to ship. Our made-to-measure cardboards secure safe deliveries while reducing excess packaging materials.

INEX installation experts have more than 10 years of experience in large scale rollouts for leading international companies. We offer the full installation bandwidth across Europe (builders, electricians, carpenters). Inex digital solution allows for tracking of single orders and same-day uploads of pictures and protocols once the project is completed.