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Innovation Is Our
Daily Business

Equipped with all the tools and talent, we push the boundaries of our industry on a regular basis. Creating new solutions along the way whilst adding relevant value to our customers’ businesses.

The Leaders in
Smart Manufacturing

INEX is a full-scope furniture producer with more than 10 years industry experience. For over a decade, we fulfill the highest standards of leading international retailers, consumer brands and furniture companies, with full in-house control of the whole manufacturing process.

Our Offering

We Live And Breathe
Digital Innovation

The whole production life cycle at INEX is digital with our customized, powerful ERP system at the core of our operations. We gather an endless amount of production specific data, which helps us to continuously evolve our operations. Furthermore, we provide advanced API integration and service modules via our digital platform.

Our Digital Platform


Rosenthaler Str. 36
10178 Berlin

Jasin, pl

Łowęcińska 27A,
62-020 Jasin, Poland


INEX operates two state-of-the-art production sites near Poznan, Poland with a Smart Manufacturing approach. Our marketing and sales team operates out of Berlin, connecting with our European customer base.

Our executive team represents the INEX vision and spirit, which is to bring better and more advanced solutions to the furniture manufacturing market. We want to help our customers to grow fast and sustainable. Contact us and see how we can accelerate together.

Piotr Siudak
Chief Executive Officer


Kamil Kaczmarek
Technical Director


Nicola Minarik
Customer Success Management

+49 30 54 89 74 40

Jan Michaelis
Sales Director Western Europe

+ 49 30 54 89 74 40

Jerzy Zakrzewski
Sales Director Eastern Europe

+48 72 89 93 944

Karolina Wojda
Financial Director


Daniel Zadroga
Head of Engineering